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What is Financial Coaching and would you need it?

Millions of people each year struggle to make their money work for them. There are a few main reasons for this: lack of education and knowledge about financial planning, unrealistic expectations about wealth and income, impulse spending, and fear or anxiety about money. A professional financial coach can help you

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What is The Difference Between Coaching and Mentoring?

Many different terms are floating around the business world, and it can take time to keep them all straight. Two of the most commonly confused terms are mentoring and coaching.  Though they have some similarities, there are key differences between the two that you need to be aware of before

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5 Different Types of Leadership Styles You Should Be Using

Are you a transformational leader or a transactional one? Maybe you’re more of an autocrat – or maybe you don’t even realize that you have a leadership style. Regardless of your current position, it’s important to know the five different types of leadership styles and when to use them.  Leadership

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10 Common Mistakes Marketers Make with Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are an excellent way to drive organic traffic to your web properties. They’re also easier to create than forums, and allow you the opportunity to build a thriving community of people interested in the same niche. However, there are several mistakes that are easy to make when you’re

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