CASE STUDY Aspire Leadership


Aspire reached out to us with their primary challenge: having the capacity to schedule worthwhile strategy meetings with highly interested prospects that became paying clients.

Utilizing the R.F.A Method, we cooperatively crafted a plan that achieved great results.



1. Interview & Audit

Our team was eager to meet with the key decision-makers to get a better understanding of what had and hadn’t been successful in the past. We wanted to make sure that we had all the relevant information before creating a plan to move forward.

We asked all the pertinent questions to ensure that we had a comprehensive understanding of the situation, going over the 5 Ws (who, what, where, when, why) in great detail.

After this, we then thoroughly evaluated Aspire’s service portfolio to get a better idea of what they had to offer. We carried out a comprehensive review that included analyzing their strengths and weaknesses, market trends, and potential opportunities. 

2. Gameplan

We put together a plan using our R.F.A. Method framework to get the ball rolling. As Aspire had a clear understanding of what their customers wanted, we focused on fixing up their services, market positioning, reaching out to local customers, building trust, and so on.

It was important for us to give Aspire an edge in the market, and we knew that doing so would help them gain more clients and increase their overall success.

To do so, we started by fine-tuning their services and offerings to make sure they were cutting-edge and attractive. We also worked on their market positioning, making sure they were targeting the right audience and had the right branding.

From there, we made sure they had the ability to track their progress. We tracked their progress using our R.F.A KPIs and that gave us the ability to see what worked and what didn’t.

In addition to tracking their progress, we used our R.F.A. Method to identify potential areas of improvement and to optimize their strategy. In the end, we were able to drive traffic to their site and get them more customers

3. Execution

Our team went to work building out the necessary marketing assets to accomplish the targets we had set out for. Content schedules were put in place with clear directions on who needed to do what by when and got clear on how to identify warm prospects that wanted to work with Aspire.

4. Improve

Daily and weekly KPI tracking allowed us to get a baseline on initial results. From there, we used the R.F.A Method framework’s iterative optimization processes to improve high impact areas first for fast and consistent results. Adjusting the needle one area at a time made optimizing clear and to the point with excellent results.


6.6x ROI in 90 Days

Results exceeded the desired target of 3x ROI.

Recoup'd 16.8 Hours Per Week

Time recovered from inbound/outbound lead generation efforts.

Generating New Clients Each Week

The client acquisition system that was built and put in place operates almost autonomously, 24/7.

Exceeded Expectations

The R.F.A Method framework enabled the Aspire to achieve a 6.6x return on investment (ROI).

This was enabled through a process of identifying and analyzing the relevant areas within the company that would need to be addressed in order to increase performance and profitability.

The framework also enabled a comprehensive review of the internal and external environment in order to develop an effective action plan that was tailored to the Aspire’s unique needs. As a result, Aspire was able to make significant improvements to its overall efficiency and profitability, leading to strong results.

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