CASE STUDY Dogan Yildiz


Dogan was stuck in a cycle of high and low sales. He provides top-notch fitness coaching to his clients, but it was hard to stay on top of his marketing and still give them the attention they deserved.

We made it easier for him by building a sustainable system that gave him the best of both worlds.



1. Interview & Audit

We sat down with Dogan to get clear on what his real struggles have been. After identifying the weak areas in his marketing strategy, it was obvious that Dogan was expending way to much time learning the skills to create new client inquiries using basic processes that almost everyone does (think: social media posts, cold messaging, basic email marketing, etc).

Realizing that Dogan didn’t have a solid community and audience built around him, we started to devise a plan around the R.F.A Method that would recapture his time and find alignment between taking on new clients and fulfilling his training services.

2. Gameplan

We put together an action plan around building a community that saw Dogan as the authority in his space. This included free training, health concious advice and more all served in a private community.

Once we had the right audience, it was about providing them with the ultimate solution to their pain points. We worked to refine Dogan’s offer messaging and delivery.

Since Dogan’s time is limited, we built a turnkey inbound sales team to handle all new prospect questions and requests. Anytime a prospect had made it onto his calendar, they were highly qualified and ready to take the final step.

3. Execution

Our team went to work building out the paid marketing campaigns, revised landing pages and built the basis for his private community. From there we devised Standard Operating Procedures for his team to follow and developed a social media content calendar that was easy to follow.

4. Improve

Tracking our KPI’s on a daily and weekly basis gave us a good starting point. We then used the R.F.A Method framework to target the high-impact areas first and make improvements. We tweaked each area one at a time and soon we started to see some real improvements.


7.3x ROI in 90 Days

Results exceeded the desired target of 3x ROI.

Increased Average Order Value by 46%

Each client that signed up with Dogan became more valuable to him and his business.

Generating New Clients Each Week

The client acquisition system that was built and put in place operates almost autonomously, 24/7.

7.3x ROI in 90 Days

Thanks to the R.F.A Method framework, the Dogan experienced a whopping 7.3x return on investment.

This success was achieved through pinpointing and examining the areas of their company that needed to be improved in order to raise their performance and profits. The framework also allowed them to take the necessary steps to make that happen.

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